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Oct 22, 2012 7:30pm PDT
'd like to be the next president of the united states to help support and help this great nation and make sure that we together maintain america ags the hope of the earth. thank you so much. >> gentlemen, thank you both so much. that brings an end to this year's debates and we want to thank lynn university and its students for having us. i'll leave you with the words of my mom who said, go vote. it makes you feel big and strong. >> that's great. >> thank you bob. >> the third and final presidential debate wrapping up tonight in boca raton, florida. at the end, in the last 15 to 20 minutes, it veered widely out of its lane and on to a few metaphorical front lawns but it had up until that point made its way in an orderly fashion, matters facing the national, china, currency manipulation, libya, first extended discussion we've had in any debate thus far including the vice presidential debate about treating the american veterans when they come home from fighting these long wars, long discussions of iran, syria, egypt and afghanistan. serious news tonight on afghanistan, as mitt romney committ
Oct 22, 2012 5:00pm PDT
's broken with one tradition, which is when the united states had the catastrophe like on 9/11 and everyone went in it together. nobody jumped around and said who left the door open. it went on of a public tep tans of a acceptance to hang together. romney jumps on the president. no sense we're in this together. or wait until we find out what happened before we cross swords. in terms of political tactics we have lost that wonderful con sen sis. after a crisis or a tragedy, let's hang together for a few days and weeks before we cross swords again. he's given up on that idea of bipartisanship in spirit. in terms of foreign policy, i believe there's an opening distance between these two men. in bringing back most of the people like john bolden and many of these people and working for him in the campaign, he's reminded us of the thinking that the people around him were able to instill with george bush back then in the days of 9/11. so there's a real choice. a choice between obama's rejoining of the world community in trying to bring down terrorism and the old cowboy spirit of the united states a
Oct 22, 2012 11:30pm PDT
states, when i'm president of the united states, we will stand with israel. if israel is attacked we have their back not just diplomatically but militarily. >>> america remains the one indispensable nation and the world need a strong america, and it's stronger now than when i came into office. >> we're back from boca raton. the third and final presidential debate is over. let's listen from the spin room. >> david, who wrote the horses and bayonets line. the line of the night. >> the president comes up with the best lines. >> that's the official spin. i said i looked for memorable lines. that's the line people at work are easily going to be able to remember. do you think it's more than just a quip? >> i do. governor romney wants to spend more than $2 trillion than the generals want. i think that illustrated a point and he talks about our navy and our capabilities as if it is the last century. i think for someone who has auditioned to be commander in chief that ought to frighten people because he doesn't have a grasp this is about capability and new technology. he views it through the rear
Oct 16, 2012 11:30pm PDT
? >> to the president of the united states. it's a debate you should have confrontations. but there's something so condescending. >> i thought that of the first debate. that lack of deference to the office. was there again tonight. >> hold on son, you'll get your turn. it's like come on. >> but romney wasn't challenged in the first debate. so therefore he didn't have to sort of figure out how to respond. he could focus on making his power point presentation to the voters. and not be interrupted. and obama just sort of let him go through. this time around, he seemed to get rattled again and again and again. he didn't know whether to deal with the voter asking a question. whether to deal with the president. or to deal with the moderator. and he got very testy. >> that exchange reminds you of the one during the debates where he turned to anderson. anderson, anderson. it's the same thing. candy, candy. >> came in defending the content of his blind trust. the president worked in a good line. let's listen here. >> any investments i have over the last eight years have been managed by a blind trust. and i
Oct 16, 2012 7:30pm PDT
the very best of the united states of america. we will not waiver in our commitment to see that justice is done for this terrible act and make no mistake, justice will be done. >> this issue is something that the romney campaign had been essentially pounding its chest about not only on the campaign trail, but preparing people for the fact that they really thought they had a political advantage on this issue heading into this tonight's debate. if you were just following what the romney campaign was telegraphing on tonight. this is the issue they thought they were going to score the most points. watching that exchange, i think that was -- i think that was a political disaster for romney. >> it was a political disaster and i thought the president really capitalized on what he said he was going to do four years ago and what he accomplished. he continued the discussion tonight. and i thought that he really, on the other hand, let mitt romney get off the hook, because romney's response within 24 hours of what unfolded on that attack, he never came back in this debate tonight and stuck it to r
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm PDT
in the united states senate. now, in my capacity as vice president, i am the presiding officer. i'm up in the senate most tuesdays when they're in session. the first time i ever met you is when you walked on the stage tonight. >> not true, actually. dick cheney had met john edwards before, but he played it very well to good effect there. dick cheney essentially doing to john edwards in 2004 there what democrats are hoping joe biden will do to paul ryan tonight. i'm going to go first here in this room to the republican among us, somebody who's worked with dick cheney and george w. bush administration and was a senior strategist for mccain/palin. steve schmidt, when you look back at palin versus edwards there, do you see a model that democrats should be hoping for tonight? >> well, that debate was a huge moment in the 2004 campaign. with all respect to the gallup organization, it absolutely had an impact in that race because democrats have momentum coming out of president bush's disastrous first debate performance and dick cheney stopped it cold. he got equilibrium back into the base. he
Oct 3, 2012 11:30pm PDT
in the united states, or closing our deficit in a balanced way, all those things are designed to make sure that the american people, their genius, their grit, their determination is channelled and they have an opportunity to succeed. and everybody is getting a fair shot and everybody is doing a fair share and playing by the same rules. you know, four years ago i said that i'm not a perfect man and i wouldn't be a perfect president and that's probably a promise that governor romney thinks i've kept. but i also promised that i would fight every single day on behalf of the american people, the middle class and all those who are striving to get into the middle class. i've kept that promise and if you vote for me, i promise i'll fight just as hard in the second term. >> governor romney? >> thank you jim, mr. president and thank you for tuning in this evening. this is an important election and i'm concerned about america. i'm concerned about the direction america has been taking over the last four years. i know this is bigger than an election about the two of us as individuals. it's bigger than
Oct 3, 2012 7:30pm PDT
talked about this earlier. when you're the incumbent president in the united states, you're not used to be challenged and pushed in the way you get challenged and pushed in these debates and i think it was every bit for the president as bad a performance add george w. bush had in his first debate against john kerry. >> the president had an opportunity tonight. he created a problem for himself on social security tonight. he agrees with mitt romney. every liberal in this country knows that mitt romney wants to privatize social security down the road. and to do a deal with the devil on that would be the wrong thing to do. i think the president created a big problem for himself. i don't think he explained himself very well on the economy. i thought he was off his game. i was stunned tonight. rash elyou just mentioned about time, the president needs to get in and fight for that time. there's people that expect him to fight for that time. >> i thought the one thing that mitt romney did tonight that he has not done for the duration of the campaign and was very effective was just lop off the
Oct 3, 2012 5:00pm PDT
to vote already in some states, do we fire the incumbent president of the united states and hire this guy? is this the person who's able to move the country forward, to get our fiscal house in order? to repair prosperity to the middle class? to deal with dangerous situations all over the world? so all of the drilling, all of the preparation, all of it's out the window the second the two of these men walk on the stage tonight and begin to face off. and you really will get, i think, through the debates, a measure of their character. the american people will see them, they'll evaluate them, there's no spinners, no handl handlers, no commercials there to mitigate their weaknesses or enhance their strength. it's just the two of them on the stage, and the american people will start to judge tonight. >> on that issue of character and how that emerges from this unfiltered setting that the debate is, do you think that's -- do you think that's the most important thing that m kos at us? that people get a sense of temperament and intangibles with these men? >> absolutely. i think the american people
Oct 11, 2012 7:30pm PDT
. but for the president of the united states and the courageous effort he took to save that industry, we wouldn't have those jobs. you knowknow, romney and ryan w have seen detroit go bankrupt. that was their stated clear policy. the president was courageous on this, making sure we save jobs all over the country. >> okay. attorney general beau biden, son of the vice president of the united states, who did so well tonight. i think you should stick around and watch our focus group tonight with ron alan. you might be a little excited by it. we'll have that later on the show with real news about what real people in the middle thought about tonight's performance. >> looking forward to it. >> what do you think of that? i got the feels there's an optimistic feel about this on the biden side. >> joe biden's kids were out there. they were in the spin room. they were happy to see their dad had come through. i think that even though, like last time, the republicans in the spin room outnumbered the democrats by three to one. this time the democrats had a case to make. they were enthusiastic about it. the point ab
Oct 16, 2012 5:00pm PDT
and jobless politics and jobless economics, bring them in and make them president of the united states when that's the very problem we have right now. businesses that specialize, as ed knows, in creating more profits by less employees. and here's the expert at it. bring him in. >> well, there's a story unfold right now in freeport, illinois. sensata is being outsourced to china. china's built the facility for bain, and mitt romney has not stepped up for those employees. this is his model for the economy. how are you going to rebuild the middle class when you send middle class jobs over to china and only a few people are going to gain, and that would be romney and a few investors. >> there has been no discussion of mr. romney's business career, his time at bain capital, at all, in either of the debates thus far. we'll see if that changes tonight. a reminder that msnbc will of course carry every minute of the debate uninterrupted by us, and then we will be here to recap the debate until 1:00 a.m. eastern tonight. this is msnbc's live coverage of the second presidential debate. stay with us. t
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)